IceCubator LAB AG | Early-Stage-Accelerator

TEC is born

IceCubator LAB AG went in search of a competent partner who could provide a comprehensive range of knowledge and resources to outsource part of its business model. During this search, Sebastian Wowra came across Philip Nussbaumer, whose expertise                  and network offered exactly what the LAB was looking for. Philip Nussbaumer had the precise knowledge and an impressive network of professionals willing to share their know-how.

After in-depth discussions and the realization that this partnership held enormous potential, “tec – The Expert Company” was launched. This company brings together the combined expertise and experience of an impressive group of experts focused on sharing their knowledge and skills to help other companies and founders succeed. This strategic alliance between IceCubator LAB AG and tec represents a significant development that will help enrich the business world with world-class expertise and lay the foundations for future success

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