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Success is the sum of good decisions. We offer our founders our experience, a pool of mistakes that have already been made and paid for, and comprehensive management know-how. In this way we create the basis for good decisions. During the program we make our experience available to you on crucial topics such as market entry strategy, finance, marketing, human resources and others. This is done through our brand

The big picture

The process from submitting the application to Series A is divided into 3 phases.

Step 1 - Deck

We’ll study your deck and give you a decision within 72 hours.

Step 2 - Pitch to Us

If your deck convinces us, you will be invited to a pitch at our LAB.

Step 3 - Pitch for Angels

If we don’t join as LAB, you will be invited to a 2nd pitch in our Business Angel Lounge.

Phase 1

Selection & Admission

Pre-Select | Pitch | Admission

Phase 2

Value building

Incubation Acceleration

Immediately after onboarding, we start building the value of our project.

Together we take a closer look at the entire setup, including strategy, financial planning and marketing.

We set the program and design a roadmap.

Phase 3

Final case

Investor Events

Periodically we’ll take a look at what we’ve achieved so far and where we’re at in terms of development.

Together we decide on the right timing and prepare your team for the next pitch in front of selected investors.

The modules

Promised is promised…

These skills are in the minds of our senior management. As part of the program, you have direct access to the senior management of the LAB, your business angels, other founders, alumni, as well as our experts from our “tec” network who will help you to solve problems on request.


A strategy is the anticipation of decisions that need to be implemented in order to get there where you want to be.

We will challenge you on your strategy and refine it so we are sure that the decisions bring us to the goal.


What is your sales strategy ?
ll channels covered ?
What about scalability ?

We have been there so many times and happy to share our experience.


Efficient & effective processes and automated workflows reduce costs and increase enterprise value.

We give you advise on how to setup your operations.


Is your product fit for the market ?
Do the product features meet the user expectations.
What about UI / UX ?

Let’s talk !


What is your positioning and your market-entry-strategy ? Have you considered all 3P and 4P aspects in your plan ?

It’s our common goal to write success stories. Let’s start !


Our cross-industrial network and in person contacts to top level decision makers is the key to success.

We connect you with them for both our benefit.


Not familiar with financial planning, forecasting, budgeting, valuation ?

No problem at all. We will back you on that and get the numbers right.


People are your company’s most valuable capital.

We give you substantial backing in research, recruiting, onboarding of human capital 


Efficient & effective processes and automated workflows reduce costs and increase enterprise value.

We give you advise on how to setup your operations.

Pitch us

Feel yourself invited to click on the button below, answer some basic questions and upload your pitch deck. 

We decide within 72 hours.

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